TRatec 2  is a semi-automatic high-precision balancing machine and can be used for quality assurance purposes. The Ratec 2 was developed for use in balancing wheels, ALU rims, fans and small rotors. Entering the wheel data into the measuring electronics with integrated PC, the pneumatic tension of the balancing body, the fast measuring run, the automatic stop of the wheel and the simple operation are the guarantee for an optimal investment. The machine contains precision electronics with digital screen, industrial PC with Microsoft interface and Windows data acquisition.

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The RATEC 2 is particularly suitable for balancing wheels, aluminium rims, fans and small rotors. Entry of wheel data into the measuring electronics with integrated PC, pneumatic clamping of the balancers, fast measuring run, automatic wheel stop and easy operation guarantee an optimal investment.

  • Selection of wheels, ALU rims, fans and small rotors
  • pneumatic clamping device
  • high-precision SCHENCK measuring system
  • Entering the wheel data and entering the program with integrated PC
  • High-precision display of imbalances down to the milligram range
  • Display of imbalance values ​​in grams or ounces
  • simultaneous display of statistical and dynamic unbalance
  • Display all measured values ​​on TFT screen
  • Tolerance entry for each selection level
  • Vector angle display with illuminated dot
  • Imbalance angle Insertion aid with light stroke
  • Rad data storage
  • Measurement result memory with date and time
  • automatic GO display
  • automatic start / stop
  • Self-check of the machine after switching on
  • Imbalance display static & amp; dynamic
  • Imbalance angle display for both levels
  • Control panel with start / stop switch
  • Rotary switch for entering the rim dimension
  • Wheel/rim data
  • Input positions of the values D1, D2, B, A

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