About SEIB Industry in Gernsheim

The company SEIB Industrie GmbH is part of the SH Group. In 2014, we emerged from KWT SEIB, a manufacturer of high-quality balancing machines for rims and complete wheels operating since 1995. More than 350 employees will generate a double-digit million figure in the current year.

Our locations are spread all over the world: Through our work in China, Australia, the USA and Germany, we are one of the largest suppliers of industrial solutions in tire assembly, balancing technology and end of line technology.

Our branch in Riedstadt

We offer you complete solutions from the stand alone balancing machine in industrial applications to the complete handling of turnkey projects of the wheel assembly including part logistics.

Our plant in Riedstadt. Here you can find our development to Food & amp; Pharma.

SEIB impressions

” 100 % Made in Germany, out of the Darmstadt area, center of the balancing technolgy worldwide “

We form the entire value-added chain in the field of special machine construction. Take a look at our video. SEIB industry develops, constructs, assembles, maintains and repairs special machines.

SEIB looks back on more than 20 years of experience (more than 1,000 Ratec units ) in the wheel-mounting project and is the world’s market leader in rim balancing products.

Our team

We see ourselves as an international strong team in a forward-looking company with excellent prospects.

Zechen Li
Zechen LiCEO SH Group Shanghai
Markus Murk
Markus MurkPresident EMEA / Americas SH Corporation
Uwe Scherer
Uwe SchererGM SEIB Industrie GmbH

We operate worldwide in SH Group Shanghai

As an international business, customer satisfaction is our major goal.

Zechen Li, CEO SH Group Shanghai

Diversification in our segments ist the key for stable growth worldwide.

Markus Murk, President EMEA / Americas SH Corporation
Flexible organization structure is our key-success factor.
Uwe Scherer, GM SEIB Industrie GmbH
We are proud to be a part the highly skilled international team.
Thomas Hoppe, Projectmanager

Our customers

An excerpt from our customers who rely on our products.

Discover the future with SEIB

We are a multidisciplinary company for focused and efficient research in fields of balancing & assembly technology, medicine- and food technology.

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