About SEIB Industry in Gernsheim

SEIB Industrie GmbH is a subsidiary of SH Corporation, Shanghai, China. In 2014 we emerged from KWT SEIB, a manufacturer of high-quality balancing machines for rims and complete wheels that has been active since 1995.

SRK GmbH, a well established provider of equipment to the international medical and pharmaceutical industry also joined our group in 2016.

Our affiliated companies are spread across the globe: China, Australia, Britain and the USA and here in Germany. Internationally we are one of the largest providers of industrial solutions in tire assembly, balancing technology and end of line technology.

In the automotive industry we offer complete solutions from stand alone balancer in the industrial application to the complete execution of turnkey projects fitting the wheel including part logistics.

Our customers include both rim manufacturers and complete wheel system suppliers for all well-known automobile and system manufacturers worldwide.

Seib Industrie GmbH holds patents In the food industry specialising in waffle making equipment.

Our branch in Riedstadt

We offer you complete solutions from the stand alone balancing machine in industrial applications to the complete handling of turnkey projects of the wheel assembly including part logistics.

Our plant in Riedstadt. Here you can find our development to Food & amp; Pharma.

SEIB impressions

” 100 % Made in Germany, out of the Darmstadt area, center of the balancing technolgy worldwide “

We form the entire value-added chain in the field of special machine construction. Take a look at our video. SEIB industry develops, constructs, assembles, maintains and repairs special machines.

SEIB looks back on more than 20 years of experience (more than 1,000 Ratec units ) in the wheel-mounting project and is the world’s market leader in rim balancing products.

Our team

We see ourselves as an international strong team in a forward-looking company with excellent prospects.

Zechen Li
Zechen LiCEO SH Group Shanghai