Ratec 3

Wheel Balancer especially for aluminum rim production

The Ratec 3 has been developed specifically for use in aluminum rim production. It is characterized by high balancing accuracy. The automatic pneumatic collet chuck allows short cycle times. Span inserts for rims with different diameter diameters are available.

  • SEIB Industrie Produkte Wuchtechnik Ratec 3
  • Digital display of all measured values of the static and dynamic imbalance
  • Automatic GOOD display
  • Start / Stop technology
  • Self-check of the machine after switching on
  • It is possible to enter wheel data in mm
  • Special pneumatic clamping chuck with clamping inserts for clamping in the center hole of the rim
  • Automatic tensioning of the rim when the guard is closed
  • Unbalance compensation of the spindle and clamping device possible
  • Due to the vertically installed balancing spindle the wheel is more easily tensioned and optimally centered. This saves the tensioner from excessive wear
    little need for space