Ratec 4

Fully automatic wheel balancing machine for complete wheels and aluminum rims

Original SEIB OEM balancing box: The Ratec 4 is particularly suitable for use in balancing complete wheels and aluminum rims. The machine can be supplied with a handling system and camera for automatic rim detection. Integration into a customer’s handling system/line is also possible.

  • Automatic measuring machine for 100% inspection or random sample inspection Measuring task
  • Measurement of diameters, lengths, static unbalance (match point optional)
  • Method Tactile/ dynamic Special features: heights and axial runout / jaw width
  • loading/unloading: manual or with customer handling
  • flexible chuck (rim center hole 50-98 mm)
  • loading/unloading: manual or with customer handling optional
  • changeover: manual
  • Match point marking by means of color point or drilling unit optional
  • El. Connection: 400V, 50Hz, 3Ph
  • Pneum. Connection: 6-8 bar
  • Measurement time approx. Depending on wheel: 3-6 sec
  • Balancing speed: 200 – 400 rpm
  • Wheel width: 1.5 “- 14”
  • Wheel width approx .: 510 mm
  • Wheel Diameter: 13 “- 24”
  • Wheel / rim diameter: 950
  • Wheel weight max .: 75 kg
  • Machine weight approx .: 200 kg
  • Mounting bracket for center hole diameter: 53 – 78 mm
  • Vertical balancing spindle force measuring with pneumatic clamping device for the assembly of a variable clamping chuck with a clamping range of approx. 40 mm.
  • Machine housing with measuring bridge and piezoelectric force transducers
  • Precision balancing spindle with pneumatic clamping device for interchangeable collets (not included).
  • The wheels must be inserted with a bearing.
  • The valve reserve can be set variably.
  • The tolerance thresholds for i.O. and n.i.O. wheels are variably adjustable