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We offer you the entire value chain of our company for your projects of loading systems.
As a link between freeze-drying and filling systems, our special machines stand for reliable process sequences and qualitative implementation in the sensitive area such as drug production.

The CCP (Conveyor Push Pull System) is used for automatic loading and unloading of the freezers with glass vials (called “vials”) filled in the filling line. With regard to the system itself, there are three different interfaces to the CCP or to the CCP:

  • filling
  • freeze dryers
  • crimper

Push-pull systems are installations which are placed directly in front of a freezer (GT) (fixed or movable). The vials (vials filled with liquid medicaments = are fed into the push-pull system) by means of feed belts and rotary tables. Here, they are stacked to form a row and are formatted by means of a bar on a buffer plate and swing table series for the row. If the defined number of tires is formatted, the vials are pushed directly onto the GT plate (push operation) by means of a long stroke through the opening of the “Pizzatur”. After the drying process, the vials, which have already been closed, are again conveyed from the GT into the push-pull system (pull operation). As a rule, the vials are fed two to three rows simultaneously onto a conveyor belt and transported further to the capping machine. There are different ways to use a push-pull system. Fix installed or mobile to open the maintenance door of the GT, for example. (only possible in oRABS) Protected enclosures, so-called Restricted Access Barrier System (RABS) or Osolator technology are ways to protect the product and the operator.

The automatic loading and unloading system CCP consists of the following system components:

  • Conveyor belt, stopper, counter, edge monitoring
  • with pushersystem
  • swivel table
  • buffer plate
  • Unloading gate with visor

Equipment for the pharmaceutical industry – Vial Handling

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“Made in germany, out of the Darmstadt area, center of balancing technology worldwide.”

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