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Waffle production machines and equipment

  • Machinery and equipment for the production of cakes and pastries:
  • Cream and dough mixers
  • waffle ovens
  • Waffle cooler
  • coaters
  • Combining machines for hollow body wafers
  • Wafer block cooler
  • cutting machines
  • Stamping for hollow body wafers
  • distributing devices
  • Transporters to connect these machines to a production plant
  • Arrangement of many (order of magnitude 54) pairs of baking plates on a circle (spoke wheel)
  • Rotary feed in line for energy-carrying medium (thermal oil)
  • Flange / hose connection from ring connection to top and bottom plate.
  • Special heat exchanger for thermal oil mounted on the back plate.
  • Special modular closures and hinges on the long sides of the baking plates to absorb the forces occurring and to deflect the
  • Plates under steam pressure.
  • The opening of the locks and of the pairs of baking plates is carried out during the movement by means of suitable slots.
  • A controlled dough spitter moves between the baking plates and pours.
  • Reduction of the energy to be used (at least 40%) by optimum efficiency of the central firing point and the heat transfer, thereby also
  • Reduction of CO and CO2 emissions.
  • Relative breadboard independence of the baking plates by hinges and closures on the long baking pan sides. (see movie)
  • Improved baking results by uniform, continuous heating and cooling
  • Reduces the deflection of the baking plates during the baking process by briefly absorbing the forces.
  • Up to 30% reduction in the production costs of the baked product
  • Reusability of the infusion excess!
  • No direct gas firing.
  • Continuous heating with a heat transfer oil.
  • Use of an energetically optimized heat transfer oil system according to DIN 4754
  • This minimizes exhaust gas losses.

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