Our service commitment

With our expertly trained team we ensure a europe-wide customer service 24/7. We offer preventive maintenance, annual maintenance, repair and programming of all components and systems. In addition, we offer worldwide spare parts shipping from our plant in Riedstadt.

Our services

We form the entire value-added chain in the field of special machine construction. and repair your machines.

We have established ourselves in the market for special machines and have a national as well as international reputation in the respective market sectors of pharmaceuticals, automotive, chemicals and the food industry. Due to our high commitment and our high degree of flexibility, we are particularly distinguished in the following areas:

  • Delivery of complete solutions
  • Special constructions with high know-how
  • Complex new developments
  • Special machine construction for clean room installations
  • 24/7 Service: 0800 6647105
  • Mail service: service@seib-industrie.com

As an international business, customer satisfaction is our major goal.

Zechen Li, CEO SH Group Shanghai
Flexible organization structure is our key-success factor.
Uwe Scherer, GM SEIB Industrie GmbH
We are proud to be a part the highly skilled international team.
Thomas Hoppe, Projectmanager

Our customers

An excerpt from our customers who rely on our products.

Discover the future with SEIB

We are a multidisciplinary company for focused and efficient research in fields of balancing & assembly technology, medicine- and food technology.

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