The Ried – local highlight of balancing technique

Gernsheim, located in the Hessian Ried and known Schöfferstadt In the large area Darmstadt is the center of the balancing technique “Made in Germany since 1845”. Located on the Rhine in the Hessian Ried, one of the most famous wine-growing regions in Europe.

“The forerunner of today’s city of Gernsheim was a Roman fort from the first century AD, which was excavated in Siegfriedstraße in 1972. The Gernsheim archaeologists from the University of Frankfurt am Main in the Nibelungenstraße on August 27, In an excavation in 2015, a Roman village was discovered near the castle and was probably inhabited from the 1st to the 3rd century AD.

After the migration of the people, Gernsheim became a Franconian royal court (first mentioned in 852 in a document of Ludwig the German). In 908 the latter came into the possession of the monastery of Lorsch and in 1232 under the rule of Kurmainz, which lasted until the imperial deputy in 1803. This explains why the Mainz wheel now appears in the coat of arms. Stadtrecht Gernsheim 1356 with a document of Charles IV; it was fortified and received a water castle as a electoral residence. “

In the historical documents, Gernsheim mentions under different local names, as Gernesheim until the 12th century, as Geruhnesheim in 852, as Kerenesheim in 897, as Gerinsheim to the 14th century and as Gernsheim for the first time 1283.

The Peter Schöffer Monument
Around 1425, Peter Schöffer, an associate of Johannes Gutenberg, was born in Gernsheim. The city of Gernsheim, which in 1836, on the site named after him, placed a stone monument (hewned by Johann Baptist Scholl from Darmstadt), celebrates the 1503 deceased printer in Mainz as the largest son of the city and today officially calls itself Schöfferstadt . ”


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