Integration into a wheel mounting line or loading by robots.

SEIB impressions

” 100 % Made in Germany, out of the Darmstadt area, center of the balancing technolgy worldwide “

Integration into a Automated wheel mounting line or robot loading .
Vertical balancing spindle force measuring with pneumatic clamping device for the assembly of a variable clamping chuck with a clamping range of approx. 30 mm.

  • Machine housing with measuring bridge and piezoelectric force transducers
  • Precision balancing spindle with pneumatic clamping device The wheels must be inserted as a bearing face.
  • The tolerance thresholds for i.O. and n.i.O. Wheels are variably adjustable.
  • Measuring device with TFT screen with evaluation program and interfaces to external data memories are installed in the control cabinet.
  • Siemens electrical drive with PLC control and Profibus connection.
  • unbalance display
  • Display of stat. unbalance
  • Display of the dynam. unbalance
  • Display of stat., Dynam. Unbalance as well as moment at the same time.
  • Interface to an external loader or for integration into a roller conveyor.
  • The system is network-capable and has an external data memory.
  • The wheel data are entered and can be called externally.
  • machine frame
  • Lifting table with centering arm
  • 3x color marking units
  • Feed the wheel onto the lifting table of the balancing station
  • Centering the wheel through the center arm
  • Lowering on the tensioning device of the balancing station
  • Tensioning / pulling down
  • Balancing, then positioning to the first unbalance position
  • Turn in the second unbalance position, loosen clamping jaws
  • Lifting the lifting table to the discharge height with simultaneous marking
  • Conveying with simultaneous transport of the next wheel
  • Delivery to customer conveyor belt

Further information coming soon.